blood and sweat was given in installing the straps for the fresh/graywater tanks today…next we’ll start with the actual plumbing that will attach to the tanks once they’re set in the straps…see the tank in the distance?  yay!

We did good today, tanks ready to go in, final primer done. We’ll need to sand the door a bit before the final coat. A lot of work there, let’s make it pretty. You going to paint it burgundy? That would be cool. Inside it may need a gloss finish for cleaning purposes, we’ll do the interior when we get there. A wood wall painted gloss would be fine, that’s why I thought the door skin. Had a thought on that, we could glue a 4″ section behind to make the skins wider, 6′ would fit the stud pattern for a vertical grain. We’d need to measure the 4″ backing to fit between the floor and ceiling plates, doable. It’d be light and real woodish, ply really, but better than sawdust boards. They cost less than $15 each and I have 2. They even fit in my car.
Think seriously about aluminum sink counter, way easier to work with and form, with a curve in the back and cheaper. You won’t be chopping on it, it just holds the sink.

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