So I cut the Formica tonight at work, used the shear in the machine shop, wow, worked perfect. It’s max width is 37 1/4, how convenient as I needed 36 1/8 plus. I cut the length to 37, clean, then cut some 1″ strips, 3 total, saved one full length for the front, trimmed the other two to 20 for the sides (19 1/2 required). Cut the big piece to 20″ to match for 36 1/8 x 19 1/2..
So we have all the pieces cut for the kitchen sink to be glued up, all over sized for trimming with the flush cut router. I’ll get that tomorrow.
Darin was still in when I got back, he said a quarter inch flush cut router should do. Tape the edges so the router bearing doesn’t damage the veneer when you cut the top, it could get hot. Also, set the depth of cut to just under the depth of the veneer so the bit doesn’t damage the edge. If the bearing picks up tape debris it will just move the cut out, clean it and re-cut to flush. Will do.
So I cut a piece of plumbing strap and smoothed it on the sander for tank bolt sizing, in my pocket. Also cut a piece of the veneer from the scrap to match at HD. We’re ready.

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