So Saturday is on. What to do. I picked up a couple swatches of color for paint at Garrett’s, asked about it, $25 a gallon whatever color you like, exterior latex. We’ll need at least a gallon. The paint tray can be reused I think as it’s dry by now. We’ll need another roller. You have the can of primer, maybe pick a color from up there and trade it. I picked Cherry Chocolate or Crimson Sky, Ace F51 or F52. You pick.
I need to keep working on the counters and table, but mostly we need to get the water tanks up so we know where to drill the holes for the drain and fresh. We can use the green bench back to crawl under with a pillow (helps on the neck) to secure them with plumbing strap (we have that). We’ll need bolts, washers and nuts, 20 total, 2 on each end, that’s 4 per strap, times 4 straps, 16, plus one per strap to tighten or loosen it, 20. The size of the big hole in the plumbing strap (I’ll clip a piece). Wouldn’t hurt to pick up a wrench that size to keep aboard, cheap HF set. We need a pump, the 12 volt marine at HF looked good and it’s stainless. So shopping is in order if you can swing it.

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