I tinkered with the plumbing fixtures for the grey tank, it’s ready to go in. I have the hole saw set up too, but we need to install the tanks temporarily to verify the location of the drain, then drill the drum and install the custom made expanding fixture, very cool. I even made the wrench from a piece of heavy brass stock. Ready to go.
The fresh water system has yet to be done. I need the valve size under the sink to figure it out. My friend Larry at work has some he’ll bring in, then we can get it.
I checked out the new box for the overhead light, if we include the plate it will short out, but if we just get a couple longer screws to fit the tabs (cheap), the ceramic light fixture will fit fine without the plate and not short, easy fix. We’ll need to wire that with the switch at the front door or add another switch box as it doesn’t have a pull switch.
We really need paneling soon. Thought, door skin is pretty cheap, it’s a thin ply wood, maybe an 1/8′ but good grade comes in 3′ wide sheets, I have a couple. Could be worth using if we can’t find some old paneling on craigslist. Look for that, old paneling, somebody is remodeling.

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