Talked to Kenny at lunch about Formica, we’ll need to get it first before cutting the holes for the sinks. He also suggested using hot glue and sticks to hold up the inner piece as we saw it out so it doesn’t crack. Stan suggested we cover the Formica outside the cut to prevent scarring from the jig saw, thinking we should use card stock, got plenty. Chin said ‘Hard as Nails” glue is what to use to for the Formica, let’s get a tube when we get it. Not this weekend as we need to finish the other side framing so we have valid measurements. I’m thinking it would be best to have the Pside counter wide at the fridge, then narrow a bit with a curve or 45 angle to finish out the counter so you have a bit more room to maneuver inside.
Thought, maybe a fold down counter after the fridge for a seat, across from the stove, that would be nice. Not sure how to rig it but it’d be nice, we can figure it out. Let’s see, the counter would become the seat back a little higher with a slat on the seat to hold it as a back, out just a bit so the angle is good. Upper extensions to hold it as a counter flush but a notch back for down, and a couple grooves and slats when up to hold it in, could work. I’ll need to draw it out with measurements. Or just a flat counter, but a seat there would be nice. Let’s talk.

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