Saturday is on, plenty to do, finish the primer painting, you’ll want to get here early as the hot side is next, welcome the night before. I’ll need to get the tanks installed, trim the fancy panels, cut the hand sink back a bit shorter to allow for insulation. The holes for the main sinks and faucet need to get cut out. I’m not sure if we need the Formica before or after the holes get cut, I need to ask that at work. I also need to get a reduction fitting for the gray tank insert I built to fit the drain. I’ll bring those parts in to find the right piece at RS next couple days in the morning. And the benches need to be built, the last lights installed, plenty for a few weeks. Get that gallon of 123 paint to trade for the burgundy finish coat. That’ll be fun to see. Darin mentioned that ‘Dunn Edwards’ is really good ten year paint, closest in Cotati, FYI.

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