So we need to get the barrels installed next, that’s important so we can proceed with the plumbing, I’ll take that on but I may need your help to hold them up. Chan had a good suggestion that the straps alone may chafe the barrels, might be better to add something between them like carpet, rubber or leather. Thought, heat shrink tube would work well, I have some but don’t know if it’s enough, easy enough to get. If it’s bolted tight it won’t move. I’m thinking we bolt the plumbing strap through the floor joists with 2 bolts on either side (8 total per barrel) so they don’t swing. Then we cut the strap and bend 90 degrees to add another bolt that tightens the strap securely, maybe add a double nut there so it won’t come loose, with a couple washers each side. Secure. Mind we’ll need a couple 2×3 pieces attached above outside to the floor to hold the tanks at an angle so they drain properly. We could cut an arch in them with the band saw so the the tanks don’t move using the trammel to get the line before they’re installed. It’ll work fine.
So I talked to Darin briefly at work regarding the stove between the 2 sinks. It would be good to put metal with insulation behind it to prevent any fires from the oven or stove. New stoves have insulation installed, we could just add some in the stove itself but more is better. I have some kiln grade insulation, would work, space shuttle shielding, but it needs to be sealed. I may need to reduce the cabinet sizes to allow for it. we’ll see. We can take it off the hand sink shelf if necessary, more room there.
Under the hand sink in rear driver’s side I need to build a small box to hold the electric cord with a simple door outside to plug in. We also need to get a female socket that fits the given plug so I can make an adapter to fit a standard extension cord. HSC in Rohnert Park may have the parts cheap, else an RV store ($). Just looked it up, 5 bucks plus shipping from an RV store, lets see if they have one locally, cheaper to buy it than build it, a standard adapter, cool.

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