We got stuff done today. The vardo is half done with exterior primer thanks to you, the good stuff, Zspar 101 marine grade oil base primer, the best, leftovers from my boat. It was pretty thick on the bottom of the can, but you mixed it up and thinned it, still thick though, from a half can to a third can, should be plenty enough to finish the whole vardo. We’ll thin it again a little more as it evaporates. Looking good.

I got the frame for the sink counter finished with extra uprights cut to support the water weight, notches cut to accept cross braces on the band saw. That worked well as it allowed for extra screws to hold it all together. I added a 7/8″ piece of 1x stock to account for the slope of the side walls. Then I cut and built the corner hand sink frame the same way.
Thoughts on the sink face, we got some really pretty panels from out back with frufru. I’m thinking if we cut the thick edges off and just use the thin inner panels to face the sink front, it would look good. Save a piece of the thick stock trimmed to fit the center. Add doors, we could use the cut off thick stock to frame the panels we cut out. It should work and be pretty with the frufru above the doors at sink level.
I also got the drains for the sink worked out, I found the perfect size hose outside amongst the pirate booty. It fits the 1 1/2″ plumbing perfectly, we’ll need a few hose clamps and I need to find the bottle brush to clean the inside of the long piece to connect the hand sink to the main drain. But it’s perfect, we have a drain system.
Next we need to attach the barrels to the frame, cut the counter tops and seal the gas line. All while you keep painting the exterior.
So I cut a piece of 3/4 ply to fit the main sink counter to size, still needs the hole for the sink and faucet, not much done. Also found the bottle brush and cleaned out the inside hand sink to main hose, looks good, clean drain. Good weekend though.

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