I’m thinking it would be best to add another 1×2 to the sink uprights to support the weight of the water in the sink, with notches to hold the upper horizontals and have something to screw it all together. I’ll have to figure it out but it’ll be easy. The plywood will give more support also. We have to account for the angle of the walls too to keep it level/parallel to the floor. Under the sinks we’ll have cabinet doors for access and storage. On the serving side we’ll put in drawers mostly, I have plenty from pirate booty (crushed boats). I’ll need to figure that out as we get to it, but I’m thinking the table has a higher priority.  Let’s work on that next.

But the sink needs to go in soon too so we can get the plumbing figured out. There’s a challenge on the plumbing to get it right. I looked at pumps at HF, they get expensive, but the 12 volt (stainless) marine pump is relatively cheap ($35-40) and would work well. Problem, a 12V DC transformer would cost extra (not so much, may have some, need to dig it out but the amps are important there). More research required on that.

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