More 6/5/12

So we got a good bit done this weekend. I took the pic of the completed exterior before you got here, just posted. You broke out the paint, marine grade oil based primer we had left from the windows, maybe a half quart. It covered about one half of the drivers side, little over. My painter friend Michael said oil primer with latex finish is the best way to go for a long time exterior finish, good for maybe ten years, that’s what we’re going for. We still have another can from my boat, feels like more than a half gallon, should cover the rest if we thin it just a little to soak in better. We’ll see how far we get, may need part of another quart, and I have a dinghy to finish that off.
While you were painting I took the interior measurements for the counters, the main sink under the window, the table (used all the tables and chairs here for a guide) at around 29″ high and 40″ wide, with 21″ deep benches. To have enough room to get in to the benches, we’ll need to have a folding or insert able leaf, 10-12″. Thought, stash the leaf under the bench rather than hinged so you can get seated unhindered. Should seat 5 with a spare stool like my red ones, we can get one at the Asian store for $15.
So I cut the stock for the sink counter from the 1×2 stock we bought from HD, allowing for the wheel well riser, it all fits well. Should work with allowances for a 3/4 ply counter and 1/16 Formica laminate, 1/2″ ply on the sides. I bought 2 1/2″ screws on Sunday, as well as a 1 1/2″ tube for the sink drain, we’ll try to get more from RS cheaper as they’re not cheap new.
I also bought a couple bottles of hydrogen peroxide to clean out the water tank, one bottle in the empty fresh tank, don’t care about the grey tank. Another later when it’s filled. We need to kill the Dr Pepper smell. Try baking soda next, then maybe vinegar and baking soda, foam it out. Maybe save the bottle of peroxide for after the vinegar and baking soda cure. We’ll get it clean.
Then we need to strap them up to the carriage, get the plumbing in, plenty to do.

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