We’ll need a gallon of finish, good for two coats. I’ll pick up a 3″ brush at HF, decent grade, as it will paint faster, you have to keep your good brushes clean, good tools. The ones you bought will be great for windows and door work. We’ll need tape and news paper to cover the windows tight. The door still needs a bit of putty fill work and minor sanding. We’ll pull the hardware off to paint it, easy, and paint or patina the hardware same time.
So you’ll work on the painting while I cut the framing for the interior. The outside is done, ready for paint. I’ll need to keep the saw dust away, but primer is forgiving with sand paper. The finish cuts should be done in the garage if possible to keep the finish coats clean.
Maybe we could pick up some more $1 1x2s (or 2x2s, but could laminate 1xs for straight strength) at HD for framing the interior as we’ll need strong stock with no big knots. I’ll need to figure out the measurements first, sketch it, drawers and all. A bundle or 2 should cover it
The last outdoor and overhead lights wiring need to go in and the switch near the door. The plumbing is the big head scratcher, we’ll get it. Tanks hosed and secured below, a pump and tubes to code, definitely a challenge. BTW the gas lines need to have teflon tape (have some) installed in all the threads to seal it, just a reminder.  Much to do, in time.

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