Of course I’ll work on it, I want to get the door done. Maybe not as hard as you’re not  here, but it’s the project. Finish the front panel, calk it, cut in the hinge flats and knobs, hang it. May need to trim it again on the bench/saw to be sure of adequate clearance, but not too much, just a smidge for swelling. Or maybe just sand it smooth instead.
For you, the arch battens, more out back wood(?), buy a cheap bucket of latex outdoor primer paint, a cheap wide brush and paint it. Stay away from the plastic windows, masking tape and newspaper them as we can’t scrape them. Peal them clean when your done, don’t leave masking tape on in this heat. That should keep you busy. If they have primer in red, that would be easier to cover later than white. That’ll be fun, you get to make it pretty outside next. While we start finishing the inside, cabinetry, fun for me, well, after the plumbing, that’s a challenge. We’ll get’er done.

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