Yes we are getting it done. Calk on the door is next and it’s quick dry, that’s good, I’ll need to open the tube, cap it when I’m done, tape all the seams first. I need to get the outer panel bevels flush as they’re not even yet. Thinking to use some heavy course sandpaper and a block the right size to rough them in by hand, then back off the grit a 100 at a time to smooth it out, that works. Then the tape and calk. Chisel the hinge flats as it dries starting with the top panel as it has less calk. I’ll need to drill out the knob and lock with the tool I bought. Then hang the doors, Yea!
After that we can fit the knob and lock (the lock will need color adjustments TBD)
Thoughts on the water barrels, let’s paint the grey water brown, make it look like a wooden barrel for effect (real one bigger?). The fresh is on the other side, keep that blue. It would be a nice effect, a water barrel. Plumbing will be an interesting challenge

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