I finished filling all the nail holes in the outer door panel with putty and sanded them down. I took off the masking tape I put on yesterday as it will glue itself down in this heat, and some of the nails were covered with it. I’ll put it back on and caulk it next week, along with the upper door seam around the window, especially inside as is has to be cleanable. I cut the left door frame at a 45 angle to allow the door to open and reattached it. The new stop extensions are nailed in place with finish nails, should be sufficient as the wood is solid behind them. I clamped the scrap hinge guide to the jamb, drilled the holes, attached the hinges, drew the lines and chiseled out the flats for the hinges. The top one was difficult as there’s a knot and the wasps were bombing me. Carburetor cleaner fixed that, there was a nest above the door inside, no worries, it evaporates really quick. That and a smaller chisel. I still need to  chisel out the door hinge flats next week.
Also, I went to town, stopped by Ace and picked up a 1/2″ ID through plug for one of the water tanks, just one as I needed to prove the concept and we need 2 different sizes anyway. The guy at the store suggested this thingy and to drop it in and fish it out with my finger. I drilled a hole on the top side of the barrel close to the edge with a hole saw. Those things are thick, 1/4 to 1/2″. As the top was thicker than I thought, I had to cut a flat on the fitting to clear it with the band saw. That worked out as it held the fitting as I wrenched the nut and rubber grommet on the outside, left hand thread. The fitting has a normal thread inside for the pipe. I hear a tiny leak when I blow into it, but food grade calk should fix that, and it’ll be on top not under pressure. This will be the fresh tank as the fitting is small. The grey tank needs to be a bigger fitting, and this kind of fitting won’t fit through the existing hole, the 1/2″ just made it. I’ll need to fish a pipe into the big hole and thread it into the inside 1/2″ fitting for the pump to get the water out down low, doable as it’s close, the big hole will be the clean water drain and cleaning fitting. We’ll mount it under the vardo, maybe make it removable (maybe not). We can add a tee above the tank in the plumbing to fill it. We’ll need another smaller cap able hole for an air vent, filtered and above the floor clean. We can use another smaller through fitting like this one for that, fish it through. Hmm, thought, put a string through the hole drilled and tie it before, pull it into place, maybe a big washer, drop it back down to remove it, easier.
We’ll put a 2x on the outside so the tanks are mounted at a slight angle. Thought, if we put the intake hose up a bit (need to anyway to fit the connection) It won’t draw the whole tank, 15%, that allows the grey water difference to meet spec with just 2 identical tanks. And a good flush amount left over, case you’re in a bind, reserve water. Enough for now.

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