Cinco de Mayo

We did OK today, not done, but a lot done. We have water tanks, and cheap as in inexpensive, less than $!0 each for +15 gallon tanks. I checked their fit, looks good, above the axle. We’ll need to paint one gray. I’ve been working on cleaning them out, a few rinses, some weak bleach in one, need more of that from $ store. Thoughts on how to add seals without getting inside, drill a hole, use a rubber tube on a mandrel tube with threads. as you tighten the threads, the rubber expands making a good seal, it’ll work, like a round belt sander. We may have to make them, do able, or find parts that will work. 
The door is coming along nicely. Sanded the outside panels mostly flush and the inside partly. Started to tape the outside for caulk, but it needs to get hung soon. I cut the stop extensions on the table saw, they’ll be fine. I also cut and drilled a scrap piece to fit the door length to the hinges for a pattern. I screwed in all the hinges to the door and the pattern, to be transferred to the jamb. I’ll need to chisel out the wood where the hinges seat, in the door and jamb.
Thinking as you won’t be here, I could use a ladder and wedge for support to get the door in place. Should work well.

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