Quatro de Mayo 2012

The door stops are wood slats attached to the jamb to move the place where the door stops. We add pieces of wood around the door jam the same thickness as the cut in stop as wide as we need to move it out, really simple, just move the door out to the edge so it will open without interference. Add a little caulk to keep the weather out, just a little and putty knifed flush, dry before the door goes in. We’ll need to do that first so it can dry.
Thinking about the brass stuff, it would be a lot easier to just get a spray can of flat black lacquer and paint it instead of removing all the lacquer and trying to patina it, then re-lacquer. psshhht, done. It might wear off in time, but spray paint’s cheap.
On the hinges, we need to get fixed hinges, not pinned, so they can’t knock out the pins and break in. They’re less common, most use pins on the inside, don’t know if RS will have them used, but lets check there first before we buy new ones. Fancy facades won’t be cheap as we’ll need to buy the whole hinge and cut it off. Let’s just get the door hung for now with straight hinges, fancy it up later.
You need to finish the battens, including the arch, and door stops after I cut them, while I finish the door and prepare it for hanging with the scrap wood hinge placement guide. Then we’ll work together to hang the door.
That should finish the exterior, other than paint, frufru., the necessary hardware, tanks, heaters and such. But it should seal up the unit, outside done, major accomplishment.
Then on with the interior, fancy, cool.

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