Finally talked to Darin today, his solution on the door is extremely simple, move it out and attach another stop, duh. He also agreed the best way to add straps is with a facade, the real hinges are screwed in between the door and jamb. We can make those fake straps easy with a jeweler’s saw and cheap sheet metal. I have copper sheet, that would work. I don’t have any liver of sulfur here, just did a bit of research on it, better to buy some than try to make it as things get toxic in the processes, but the potassium sulfide (liver of sulfur) is OK to make the metals black. I can order some from Maken’s in Sausalito (upstairs from West Marine), a jeweler’s supply near the boat, been dealing with them for years, good folks.
Darin also suggested I get a hinge drill and lock guide from HF. Tools, an investment, less than $20 for both, I’ll get that. The drill has a tube with a tapered cone that fits the hinge and insures a centered hole. The lock guide is a couple deep well hole saws (1″ and 2″) and a guide to make the holes in the right place to mount the lock and door knob. We’ll use the drill guide Lori gave me to insure the holes are straight (important). We’ll need to get a barrel latch to attach the two doors and 4 regular hinges, try RS. We can get the tools same time as they’re in the same building, HF and RS. And cheap. Look for counters.
I’d also like to check the salvage yard for barrels/water tanks, probably first. We’ll need your truck for that to fit them, ~$30, $15 ea.
We need to finish the battens around the door above and the arch. You can use my home made trammel point for the layout on the arch, practice on the band saw, good tool and more safe than most with care, sand to fit on the lapidary sander. Good tools to learn. And we need calk, HF or Bosworth’s Mercantile. Plenty to do for both of us.

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