I got some stuff done today. I got the breaker box dismantled, we’ll need two new breakers as the box is rated to 40 amps and the breakers in it are 75 amps, a bit much. The cable is a trailer cable rated at 30 amps, plenty for our needs. I’ll need a few feet of it to get to the external plug. We also need to get an external female plug that installs in the wall, probably the kind with a spring cover and a male mate to attach to the rest of the cable.
I also went after the doors, mostly putty and sanding with the belt sander. I learned a new thing, simple really, but on the screws that weren’t sunk I put the screw driver in and hit it with a hammer as I turned them in beneath the surface. That way the putty covers them, cool. So it’s taking a few coats to fill them all in. I also sanded the beveled slats with the belt sander first, then hand sanded them sort of smooth. They shrank a lot, lost a quarter inch total. Oh well, more putty, actually we should use some flexible hardening caulk so it can swell when it gets wet again. It’ll be fine as latex paint bends too. I puttied all the slats to fill the dings and nail holes and both sides of the doors, they still need a final sanding. I’ll need to finish the lower door assembly next week as it’s still not secure.

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