today we made some serious electrical shopping, first at ReStore, then Home Depot…purchased a whole box of boxes, faceplates and electrical sockets, plus some sink fixtures for under $20 and scored a couple over the sink/counter lights for free.  ReStore is a sweet deal!  HD, on the other hand, wasn’t so thrifty, but necessary romex 12/2 wiring was purchased, as well as wire caps and staples for the wiring.  got home and installed the boxes, a little tricky sideways screw-in action, but complete.  prior to installing the actual wires, i needed to punch out the bottom pre-punched hole in the bottom of all the boxes (wow, didn’t realize how handy that is), all it took was a mighty hammer tap on a punch instrument lined up with the circle.  so now they’re prepped.  we have two boxes along each side wall flanking the sides of the windows, a light fixture over where the bed/table will be, and a switch/socket at the door, passenger side.  we have yet to decide how to install the two outdoor vintage lights on the outside rear wall.  dan worked on gathering free wood from a wood pile out back and ripping this wood for embellishments on the door.  next we lay down the electrical wire and staple it in!

wall boxes installed

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