3/31/12 code clarity!

scoured the county, state and national codes today for specs on equipment, building standards, etc. as we prepare to head into the inner world of the vardo.  SO much information to look over, finding myself a little overwhelmed!  a complete synchronistic score, however…while sitting at the coffee shop scouring the codes, i noticed that the owner of the shop had come in to work a shift, and we got to talking about the cart.  she went on to be completely open to giving me some assistance and tips on operating a coffee cart in our county, and suggested i contact the food safety people and ask them for the “little blue book” for mobile food carts…a little blue book exists, and sounds way more doable than sifting through the internet maze…ahhh.  so, leaving a message with them today to send me this book.  she also mentioned that i might consider operating in a less restrictive county, since ours is not so lenient.  although just a conversation, i felt like this helped me tremendously, and thank whatever powers that be for delivering this opportunity to me.  also did some brainstorming about contacting a few of the bulk herbal suppliers i know to find out what kind of regulations they have to deal with in carrying herbs, tinctures, etc.  here’s where the connections i’ve made along the way may come handy 😉  thanks mugshots!

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