So I got some stuff done on the door. I cut the angle frame with the table saw around the window frames, 14 degrees, about 3/8″ deep with the saw kerf leaving a ledge, looks good. I laid the cut frames inside the styles and rails and drew the line, then took the door apart to get at the plywood. I cut the section out with the jig saw on the saw horses, then tried the fit, a bit tight. I used the 4 in hand file, sand paper the power file until it snapped the belt, more sandpaper and rasp, took some doing to get the fit. I got it. I pulled out the router with the 3/8 rabbit bit we used on the side windows and adjusted it to the depth of the lead tongue with a few cuts on scrap wood. I cut a piece of the cut out window ply to use as a support for the router on the inside and routed the plywood frame a little at a time, moving the support. I used the chisel and hammer on the corners of the ply to level it square instead of filing the window canes, fits good. The lead corners were a bit not flat so I tapped them with a hammer to make it smooth even. I set up the window and put the door frames back on the ply. As there is a bit of slop in the ply to frame, it took a while to get the alignment right with a hammer and scrap so the inner frames line up right. It looks good, now we get to do it all over again with glue and screws or finish nails. I need to add a small chamfer on the inside inner frames to allow for any misalignment of the lead cane and round the inner frame outer edges. It would be good to get a small rounding router bit for that, the one I have is too big, HF or just sand paper. It looks good. The window is in the door, with the wood panel that came with it covering it to keep the cats out. Next we put it all together for real with glue and fasteners. We’ll need to fill the plywood voids first with wood putty and sand everything smooth. Fill the door frames while were at it. It would probably be best to primer the parts before assembly so we keep the window clean. We’ll need a gallon I’m guessing of cheap latex primer for the whole vardo. It’ll be nice door. 

So I got some s…

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